18 mins | CANADA | 2019 | English | Drama | Mature Audiences 

Directed by: Enrico Ferri

Produced by: Enrico Ferri

Filmmakers to Attend!

Starring: Courtney Lamanna, Shane Marriott, and Alex Plouffe

Written by: Enrico Ferri

Canadian Premiere!

Centre Theatre

Sat. Nov 9 | 3:25pm



SPACES is a science fiction short film that takes place in the not too distant future. Set in a virtual reality world, the introverted Syrus 86 meets the more outgoing Zoe 03 and Kaari 25, where they bring out the best in him and form a strong friendship together. When Elemsoft Games announces they are discontinuing the virtual world in thirty days, Syrus 86 is faced with a choice in how he decides to spend his final moments in the game.


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