14 mins | USA | 2019 | English | Drama | Mature Audiences 

Directed by: Fabrice Joubert

Produced by: Samuel François-Steininger, and Fabrice Joubert

Starring: Garrison Griffith, Gattlin Griffith, Marie Mouté, and Rob Nagle

Written by: Fabrice Joubert

Centre Theatre

Sat. Nov 9 | 10:00am



A bright sunny afternoon in November. It is wind-down time after gym class for the 2nd graders. Michael and eleven other children lie side by side on the floor of the gym, breathing quietly. Suddenly, a detonation tears the silence. The gym teacher immediately understands that he now bears the life-and-death responsibility to lead the children to safety. The gym teacher will now have to risk everything, including his own life, to keep Michael safe.


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