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2017 Q&A - No Reservations

We asked Director Trevor Carroll to tell us about the film. Here's what he had to say...

Tell us in 140 characters the synopsis of your film.

What if the moccasin was on the other foot?

Written and directed by Trevor Carroll, NO RESERVATIONS is political satire inspired by true-life events, giving a hypothetical look at what life would be like if the roles in Standing Rock were reversed. Protests erupt as an upper-middle class Caucasian neighbourhood attempts to thwart the construction of a pipeline from an Indigenous Corporation.

Starring Lorne Cardinal as Joseph Stillwater, No Reservations aims to provide an alternative point of view of the political threads that have become so tense after the events in North Dakota. Bravely challenging its viewer from the perspective of both First Nations and Caucasian cultures, the film presents a unique point of view in its statement, and a voice of accountability to the Indigenous people of North America.

Where did the idea/script come from?

The idea/script was inspired by real life events that took place in Standing Rock, North Dakota. I participated in the Crazy8s Film Event, where we got the opportunity to make a film in 8 days for a total of $1000.

Why did this film appeal to you?

The film I believe is very timely; it has an interesting take on a very touchy subject that was (or wasn’t) in the news. I felt that this was a topic that needed to be in the forefront of people’s attention, but had to be done with the roles reversed in order to perhaps change people’s perspective on what happened.

What part of the production process was the most rewarding? Getting to work with all of the talented cast and crew from the film, some that I’ve known for years. It’s really great working with your friends where you get to make something fun and interesting. What was the most challenging part of the production? The most challenging part of the production was the 8 days. What a grind. I’ve been working in the film industry for a while, but that lack of sleep gets more and more difficult the older I get. What does the future hold for the film?

The future of the film is to get it into as many festivals as possible - I think we’re slated for 30+ by the end of the year, and when we’re finished we’ll be looking at distribution for it.

No Reservations - Plays November 11 @ 1:15pm, Centre Theatre

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