• Jacob Cote

5 tips for submitting to HNFF

1: If you request a waiver you better have a link! When you email us or any other festival, that email will be sent to a selection committee/personal. An email with just words can only tell us so much. Even if it's just a trailer, that's better than sending nothing. For the record, we prefer a link to a screener.

2: Email us once, please. We get it, you want our attention. But so do hundreds of others. Rest assured that if you emailed us, someone has seen it. Unfortunately, we can't reply to every email that comes through. If you do hear from us, we might just have a code for you ;)

3: Tell us about your film and yourself! We know you might have a small submission budget - welcome to indie filmmaking - it's a tough industry. We want to know what is it that sets your film apart from the crowd. What's so different and new about your film that our audiences will fall in love with it? These are not questions you have to answer, just be genuine in your email!

4: Use Filmfreeway!!! We strive to be green here at the Hollywood North Film Festival. Hence ALL submissions MUST go through our Filmfreeway account HERE. Please don't send us a DVD, Blu-ray or hard drive; this creates unnecessary waste and CO2 emissions. You can easily sign-up on the site (for free!), and all the necessary info will be sent to us after you submit!

5: Have a story driven film! Our audiences in the Bay of Quinte Region love a good story! And really, would you pay to watch a film that has a lousy storyline and doesn't make sense? We've all been to the movies and left disappointed maybe even wanting our $10 back because we thought he film was that bad. Well, not at HNFF! We only select films that have a strong story, great production value and GOOD SOUND! Of course for our experimental category, this doesn't necessarily apply, but giving a beginning, middle and end can apply to many different contexts.

Take all these into consideration, and your film has a great chance at being featured in our festival! Good luck.

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