10 mins | CANADA | 2019 | English | Drama/Thriller | Mature Themes/Language

Directed by: March Mercanti

Produced by: Adam King, and Salar Pashtoonyar

Starring: Ron Vanderswaag, and Robert Cormier 

Written by: March Mercanti

Centre Theatre

Sat. Nov 9 | 1:35pm



Set at a local run-down hockey arena we follow Gabe, an aging maintenance worker and driver of the infamous zamboni. Gabe begins to hear surreal sounds within the arena that no one else seems to to hear. Something seems off. The younger minded Eddie, the owner of the arena through inheritance, is looking to make a profit …even if it means demolishing the arena. For Gabe, the idea of losing his job and the arena itself would be painstaking. Tensions rise between the two characters as the arena begins to make it’s presence known.


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