14 mins | CANADA | 2018 | English | Film-Noir  

Directed by: Mateen Missaghi

Produced by: Mateen Missaghi


Starring: Lucas Da Silva, Emily Theophylactou, Carlos Castro Paguaga, and

Eric Augurusa

Written by: Mateen Missaghi

Centre Theatre

Sat. Nov 9 | 11:00am


In this 1960s-set film, Butch Buchanan, a hardboiled and highly decorated detective in the Chicago Police Department, teams up with Maxine Padlowski, a bold and cunning private eye who is often mistreated and neglected in the department. The two detectives begin to crack down on a case to bust an infamous cartel in the city, but during the pursuit, Butch discovers something shocking about his partner.



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