5 mins | USA | 2019 | English | Sci-fi/Music Video 

Directed by: Jeremiah Williams

Produced by: Fadjar Kurnia, and Rafico Lingga



Written by: Karahn Crawford-Cole, Kenya Crawford, and Jeremiah Williams

Centre Theatre

Sat. Nov 9 | 2:50pm


Black Champagne is an animated musical journey about a young priestess queen named Suraya and her confidant, priest-king Jamari, who are both the spiritual and political leaders of an ancient, magical, Black civilization located on an island off the coast of Morocco.

The people of this island refer to themselves as the Nemanyo and they fall under relentless attack by ruthless, exploitative, foreign invaders led by the Czar of Chezidak. Left for dead, Suraya and Jamari rise from their war-torn sunken city and venture into the hostile land of their enemy to reclaim their power and set their beloved Nemanyo people free.



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